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Yolo County Board of Supervisors Announces New Phase of Road Rehabilitation Efforts

Jun 25, 2024 09:04AM ● By Yolo County News Release

WOODLAND, CA (MPG) - The Yolo County Board of Supervisors is dedicated to enhancing the quality of roadway infrastructure across the community, prioritizing an improved quality of life and safer travel for Yolo County’s residents and visitors. By strategically investing in pavement preservation and rehabilitation, the Board of Supervisors and the Department of Community Services’ Public Works Division are working to ensure that upcoming contracted improvements are both effective and minimally disruptive to residents.

"The robust infrastructure improvements underway across the community represent our commitment to investing in the future of Yolo County," said Yolo County Board of Supervisors Chair Lucas Frerichs. "Improving the road between Winters and Davis has been a top priority for residents of both communities, and also a top priority of mine. I have been working to ensure this project is completed and the county makes needed improvements to make this heavily used corridor better for all users including vehicles, bicyclists and pedestrians."

"My commitment to Clarksburg goes beyond infrastructure: it’s about a thriving community where residents feel safe and connected," emphasized Yolo County District 1 Supervisor Oscar Villegas. "The upcoming road rehabilitation project demonstrates our dedication to road maintenance and the safety of our residents."

Tentatively scheduled from June 13 through October, the 2024 Road Resurfacing Project will focus on the following areas:

Downtown Clarksburg, Downtown Esparto, west of Yolo Avenue and several county roads in the Esparto area

County Road 25A, between County Road 97 and State Route 113, Russell Boulevard/County Road 32, County Road 93A and County Road 31 corridor from I-505 to County Road 98 between the cities of Winters and Davis, and County Road 94B, between County Road 19 and State Route 16.

"Investing in Esparto's road infrastructure is about much more than just pavement; it's about laying down the foundation for a safer and more connected community," added Yolo County District 5 Supervisor Angel Barajas. "While Esparto has seen numerous investments over the last few years, this upcoming road rehabilitation project is by far the most transformative. By enhancing the quality and safety of our county roads, we are ensuring that residents and visitors alike can enjoy smoother, safer travel experiences."

Residents can expect localized pavement repairs followed by the sequential application of three pavement seal coats over the entire roadway: a micro-surface type III sealing, a asphalt rubber chip sealing, and a micro-surface type II sealing. Roads will be restriped after the final treatment.

Residents are urged to adhere to the contractor's guidelines concerning parking restrictions on days designated for road treatments. Certain roads will undergo three consecutive treatments, spaced about one week apart. It is imperative that these roads remain clear of parked vehicles during each treatment day to facilitate the contractor's asphalt work. Additionally, residents are advised to stay informed throughout this process by accessing resources such as Yolo County’s GIS Road Improvement Map, accessible at, or by contacting the Department of Community Services at 530-666-8811 for assistance or inquiries.

The bid opening for the 2024 Road Resurfacing Project was held on April 23 with Pavement Coatings Co., based in Jurupa Valley, offering the most competitive bid of $6,650,296.05. The project is funded by gasoline taxes distributed from the State of California through the Senate Bill 1 (SB 1) Road Maintenance and Rehabilitation Account. As construction approaches, this contractor will notify residents in the neighborhoods anticipating treatments to help coordinate their work efforts.

Additionally, the Department of Community Services’ Public Works Division, responsible for the upkeep of more than 752 miles of roads, 147 bridges and critical infrastructure components, urges residents to prioritize road safety and promptly report any maintenance issues through the online portal at For updates on road closures, residents can visit