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Nonprofit Sector Report Released

Apr 03, 2024 11:19AM ● By Yolo Community Foundation News Release

Participants at the Yolo Community Foundation launch event discuss how to respond to needs identified in the report. Photo courtesy of Yolo Community Foundation

YOLO COUNTY, CA (MPG) - The Yolo Community Foundation’s 2024 State of the Yolo Nonprofit Sector report showed that growth in nonprofit organizations’ expenses outpaced growth in revenues again last year, just like the year before.  

The report, made possible by a Teichert Foundation grant and released March 26, enables the Yolo County community to understand the needs and concerns of local nonprofit organizations and how to support the organizations. The report is available at

An extensive overview of the Yolo County nonprofit landscape is provided, including data on revenue and expense changes since 2022, nonprofit economic projections for 2024, staffing and volunteer trends, and a description of the significant needs and challenges of the Yolo nonprofit organizations. 

A key finding is that 45% of nonprofit organizations surveyed are volunteer-led with no paid staff and 81% of volunteer-led nonprofits have annual revenues less than $100,000.

Another finding is that smaller, volunteer-led nonprofits are experiencing a slower recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Furthermore, 46% of nonprofits with paid staff reported increasing their staff in 2023, while only 17% reported decreasing their staff.

Nonprofit staff reported financial sustainability and funding among their organization’s most significant needs; and they worry most about the social and emotional well-being of members in the vulnerable groups that they serve. 

This year’s report focuses on how nonprofits have a strong desire for expansion and what their greatest concerns are for their next fiscal year.

Main report themes include an underrepresentation of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and people of color) representation in local nonprofit leadership and staffing, despite Yolo County's population diversity, and that nonprofits do not collaborate for collective impact.

Other themes are that Yolo County nonprofits need improved outreach and communication channels to effectively reach and serve communities; and organizational stability is crucial for Yolo County nonprofits' long-term sustainability and effective service delivery.

Based on the themes that emerged from this year's State of the Sector survey and interviews with executive directors, Yolo Community Foundation has assembled a call to action for local donors, elected officials and community members.

Recommendations include learning about the Yolo nonprofits by reading the Yolo Community Foundation’s Yolo County Nonprofit Directory, which will be released before the annual Big Day of Giving on May 2. The directory includes insights on participating nonprofits, their missions and how you can support them. 

To read the full report, including the rest of the call to action, visit  

The Yolo Community Foundation offers donor-advised funds and other philanthropic vehicles, donates to local nonprofits, fosters volunteerism and supports local giving.  The foundation currently has more than 100 philanthropic funds valued at nearly $11 million and is an affiliate of the Sacramento Region Community Foundation. For more information, visit

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