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City of West Sacramento Approves Study Contract for Enterprise Bridge Project

Mar 26, 2024 11:59AM ● By City of West Sacramento News Release

Here is a high fixed bridge option. Photo courtesy of the City of West Sacramento

WEST SACRAMENTO, CA (MPG) - The City of West Sacramento has taken a significant step forward in enhancing economic growth and mobility in the region by approving a contract to conduct a comprehensive study for the Enterprise Bridge project.

Since its inclusion in the City’s General Plan in 1990, the Enterprise Bridge has been identified as a vital link to support economic expansion and mobility for the Southport Development area. Recent infrastructure investments in the Port Area, coupled with ongoing efforts around the decommissioned Stone Lock facility, underscore the City and Port of West Sacramento's commitment to bolstering connectivity over the Deep-Water Shipping Channel (DWSC).

Here is a low moveable bridge option. Photo courtesy of the City of West Sacramento

The Enterprise Bridge study will consider multiple options to address environmental impacts and optimize the bridge's design, as required by the California Environmental Quality Act. These options will be thoroughly evaluated through the public hearing process to ensure alignment with community priorities and long-term objectives.

The Enterprise Bridge would reduce traffic congestion by creating more direct access to I-80, rerouting approximately 10,000 vehicles daily away from Southport and the Port entrance. This will also improve safety for all road users and enhance accessibility for pedestrians and cyclists. The project aligns with the City’s commitment to sustainability, with anticipated reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and advancements in environmental equity.

The Enterprise Bridge project marks a transformative collaboration between the Port and the City, as well as several local agencies including the Sacramento Area Council of Governments and the California Department of Transportation.

Here is a low fixed bridge option. Photo courtesy of the City of West Sacramento

“West Sacramento is committed to modernizing our transportation infrastructure to meet the evolving needs of residents and businesses,” said West Sacramento City Manager and Port CEO Aaron Laurel. “The Enterprise Bridge is a forward-thinking project that will relieve traffic, foster sustainable economic growth, and enhance goods movement and mobility throughout our city.”

This proposed bridge will span from Southport Parkway across the DWSC to Enterprise Boulevard, offering an additional route for trucks and autos between Southport and major transportation corridors along I-80 and US-50. By alleviating traffic congestion and enhancing safety at the Port’s entrance, the Enterprise Bridge is poised to serve as a cornerstone of regional mobility and economic vitality.

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