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Yolo County is Working to Keep Roads Safe This Season

Dec 27, 2023 05:51PM ● By Yolo County News Release

WOODLAND, CA (MPG) - Yolo County officials’ commitment to road safety has garnered impressive awards in 2023, including a combined award of $704,496 from the California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. These substantial grants will allow the Yolo County Health and Human Services Agency’s Public Health Branch to undertake two impactful initiatives, the Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Program and the Child Passenger Safety Education Program. Additionally, an award will support the Yolo County District Attorney’s Office’s specialized prosecution team which handles alcohol and drug-impaired driving cases. These awards will strengthen Yolo County’s efforts to mitigate risks associated with distracted and impaired driving, furthering the safety of the community this holiday season.

Similarly, The Yolo County Community Services Department’s Public Works Division, which maintains a sprawling network of 752 miles of roads, 147 bridges, and various critical infrastructure components, was awarded $240,000 in Federal Safe Streets for All funding. Public Works responsive road teams are primed to address issues on county roads this winter, contributing to the overall safety of the community. As Caltrans is undertaking intensive infrastructure improvements across the region and on Interstate 5 and 80, both the Public Health Branch and Public Works Division would like to urge residents to exercise heightened caution and avoid distracted driving.

“Distracted driving increases your risk of a motor vehicle crash. Transportation injuries, including motor vehicle crashes, are a leading cause of death in Yolo County residents under 45 years old,” said Yolo County’s Public Health Officer Dr. Aimee Sisson. “Thirty Yolo County residents died from transportation-related injuries in 2021 alone. Although it can be tempting in our busy lives to multi-task, sending or reading that text message is just not worth the risk of death to yourself or others.”

“Motor vehicle crashes are one of the largest causes of death and injuries across our nation. I am proud of the work that county staff have put into secure funding for multiple programs to combat this issue in a multipronged manner. Over the holiday season, it is more important than ever to remain safe and vigilant on the roads, no matter how you choose to travel,” added Yolo County Supervisor Jim Provenza.

The hardworking crews of Public Works urge residents to prioritize road safety and promptly report any road maintenance issues through the online portal at The portal also provides contact information for road maintenance requests within the incorporated cities of Yolo County. For updates on road closures during significant storm events in the county, please visit

As part of the $491,185 in awards to the Health and Human Services Agency, its staff will implement a comprehensive Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Program. This funding, awarded by OTS, will support various initiatives through September 2024, including community audits, youth bicycle training courses, helmet inspections, distribution of helmets to those in need, and community education presentations. In addition to the Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Program, OTS is supporting Yolo County in enhancing child passenger safety through education and training programs.

“Everyone deserves a safe environment to travel, regardless of how people get to places,” OTS Director Barbara Rooney said. “The safety of people walking and biking on our roads is a high priority. Education plays a pivotal role in creating a strong road safety culture that prioritizes traffic safety, especially for our most vulnerable road users.”

Residents are encouraged to contact [email protected] for more information on the Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Program and [email protected] for details on the Child Passenger Safety Education Program. For general resource information, residents can call Yolo 2-1-1 and follow Yolo County on Facebook at