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A Message from PG&E

Dec 06, 2023 03:03PM ● By PG&E News Release

OAKLAND, CA (MPG) - Scams targeting utility customers continue to increase at an alarming rate. Scammers can be convincing and often target those who are most vulnerable. They also aim their scams at small business owners during busy customer service hours. However, with the right information, you can learn to detect and report these predatory scams.

Scammers often:

-Ask for payment in unconventional ways such as pre-paid debit cards, gift cards, or third-party mobile payment applications. PG&E will not ask you to use any of these to pay a bill. Learn all the authorized ways you can pay at under “Account” then “Pay My Bill.”

-Threaten to disconnect your power because of past due bills if payment is not made immediately.

-Ask for Social Security, credit card or PG&E account numbers, logins, and other personal information.

-Create authentic looking 800 numbers which appear as PG&E on your phone display. If you have doubts, hang up and call PG&E at 1-833-500-SCAM.

How you can protect yourself:

-Never purchase a prepaid card to avoid service disconnection or shutoff. Visit to learn all the authorized ways you can pay your bill.

-If a person threatens immediate disconnection or shutoff of service without prior notification, you should hang up the phone, delete the email, or shut the door.

-Signing up for an online account at is another safeguard. Not only can you log in to check your balance and payment history, you can also sign up for recurring payments, paperless billing and helpful alerts.

-If you suspect you have been the victim of fraud or feel threatened during contact with a scammer, contact local law enforcement.

For more information about scams and how to protect yourself, visit the PG&E Scams page or the Federal Trade Commission’s website.

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